Rose Patch Menorah made from Rockets

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This handmade Menorah (Chanukiah) has been crafted from actual Kassam rockets that landed in Israel. The detail on this Menorah is exquisite, as it features nine beautifully shaped roses arranged in the shape of a flower patch. Your holiday will not be the same with this stunning Menorah!. Limited Edition: 100 pieces

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Turn terror into light this Chanukah with this beautiful Rose Patch Menorah! Serves both as a piece of Judaica as well as a unique decoration for your home.

Limited Edition: Only 100 pieces will be made!

‘Rockets into Roses’ products are unique, hand-sculpted works of art, fashioned by metal sculptor Yaron Bob, from actual rockets that landed in Israel. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind, hand-made, limited edition collector’s item. They are true pieces of history – living proof that Israel has endured thousands of missile attacks for so long. The artist has literally transformed instruments of death, weapons of war, into objects of great beauty and meaning, representing love, growth, and great hope for a peaceful future. He has created modern day versions of “swords beaten into plowshares.”

A signed and numbered certificate of authenticity accompanies each piece, attesting to the fact that the art was created from actual kassam rockets.
With each purchase you are helping to protect the people of Israel from future rocket attacks, as a portion of the proceeds goes towards building above-ground, portable bomb shelters in southern Israel.

Approximate Dimensions: 12 in (L) x 6 in (W)

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